Our Mission

A Little Angel's Child Care was created to provide a well rounded approach to child care. We seek to develop the emotional, intellectual, social and physical abilities of children.We do this
 by providing a caring and progressive environment in which the development of the children can be served and enhanced. A program of nutrition, education, recreation and relaxation help to promote the mastery of the fundamental concepts and values that lead to success.

By working with the staff you have the opportunity to tailor your child's learning experience to coincide with your values. Frequent reports, conferences and correspondence help to keep you aware of your child's progress. Parents are encouraged to contribute to all aspects of their child's developmental experience at A LITTLE ANGEL'S CHILD CARE. Active parent participation, such as lunch with your child, can make the experience most rewarding for both parent and child. 

To provide information to parents which supports, counsels and gives guidance thereby promoting and enhancing parenting skills.

These are our objectives: 

To maintain and promote programs with high standards of quality.

To promote physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and social development of all the children enrolled. 

To provide a multi-cultural program for children of all races, colors, national origins, religions and handicaps. 

To provide and promote opportunities that contribute to the growth and development of children. Utilizing play, experience and discovery,allowing them to achieve their highest potential. 

To be receptive to the needs of children in the community. 

To give parents peace of mind while their children are away from them. 

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